• Use swimsuits in colors that will complement and create some contrast with your skin tone.
  • Have different cut/swimsuits for various occasions. Like a bikini for when you want to tan or feel sexier and a One piece or Trunk/Short for when you want to show less.
  • Try to sunbath a little or use a tanning lotion/moisturizer before getting to your travel destination. This will help you have a nice healthy glow or soft tan when you get there, and help your achieve an even and beautiful tan at the end of your vacations. (I recommend Jergens Natural Glow)
  • Find the right fit ! Try different cuts and different sizes to get the ideal fit for you and for the occasion. I have some suits that are smaller on the sides or feel tighter for when I feel more toned or lighter-weight, and some suits with a more “loose” or “baggy” feel for when I want to have a more relaxed look.
  • When packing for your vacation, think about the days you will be there and plan your swimsuits for each daily-outfit. This will give you more options to have fun when getting dressed, and have different suits in all your photos.
  • When laying down tanning, I love to move my swimsuit up (waist line) and sunbathe, and then pull it down and sunbathe again. This will help your tan-line to be very soft or minimal.
  • Wear the swimsuit with an outfit, where the color or print of the swimsuit will pop or add contrast. Like i’ll wear a black short over a yellow or neon green swimsuit. Showing a “pick-a-boo”  line of the suit on the waist line under your shorts or pants. (If your short/outfit has solid colors you can use a suit with a fun print, and if your short/outfit has prints then pair it with a solid color suit) 
  • I recommend to have swimwear that give more coverage or are more dressy for family vacations or when you want to look more serious. Have some more revealing or sexy suits/bikinis for when you want to tan or show more skin.
  • Always wear your SPF, specially on your face. I like to use a higher sun protection for my face and then also use a hat. And a lighter sun protection for the body and layer a carrot tanning cream over it to help me get the best golden tan.
  • Take care of your swimsuits while you travel. Hand wash them and let them air-dry after every use, specially if you swim on pools or get into hot tubs. Also avoid sitting over textured surfaces to not damage the fabric.
  • Make time to work out, meditate and fast (if you can) while on your vacation to find balance with all the fun.
  • Don’t forget to have good laughs, make new memories with your loved ones and take lots of photos. (Remember to tag us on instagram).

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