Jarrod Wilkins &
Ilde Goncalves

About Us

Ilde was born in Caracas Venezuela from a Portuguese family and Jarrod is from Sydney Australia. But the duo met on set while working as a makeup artist and model at a photo-shoot in Miami Beach.

Ilde Goncalves’s mom was a seamstress so he grew up in this industry, at age 15 got his first job assisting his mother doing the finishing touches for a men clothing line, by age 20 he was attending fashion school in Caracas and specialized in menswear and found his passion for designing swimwear. After moving to Miami Beach he realized it was very challenging to find good quality swimsuits that had a nice fit to the body on beautiful prints at a friendly price. Something missing in the market for men and women. I designed a small capsule that was very well received and then I kept designing small collections at a small scale ( never mass produced)

Meanwhile on the other side of the world Jarrod Wilkins was working as a full time model and working part time in the retail industry, where he discovered his skills in selling and built an appreciation for fashion. He was offered a contract to model in the US and took the opportunity and moved to Miami Florida.

The pair met by chance and decided to collaborate on the swimwear line and expand it into what it has become today. We still cut every swimsuit ourselfs, and the collection is made in Miami Florida.

The duo were married in September of 2013 in Manhattan, NYC.

Signature style

The brand is inspired by the Art Deco and its bright/bold/summery colors, the beautiful water views in Miami Beach and its breathtaking sunsets. Is an eclectic mix of fashionable prints and sexy cuts that fit the body like a glove . The duo designs for a man or a woman that is confident, sexy and is not afraid to stand out.

All ilde Swimwear products are hand made and manufactured in Florida. With the business being run out by a Gay family in the heart of Miami Beach.

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